2023 Auto Bild universalių padangų testas

Padangų testo rezultatai ir aprašymas (anglų k.)

CrossClimate 2
Premium klasė
Test winner with excellent driving characteristics on snow and ice, dynamic dry handling, good aquaplaning resistance, precise steering response, very good mileage. High cost. Test Winner.
nuo 92,00 vnt.
AllSeasonContact 2
All-rounder with convincing winter capabilities, dynamic handling, and short braking distances on wet tracks, low pass-by noise, high mileage. Tendency to understeer.
nuo 82,00 vnt.
Turanza All Season 6
New all-round talent with good performance potential, short wet and dry braking distances, agile and safe driving behavior in all weather conditions, good aquaplaning resistance. High price level.
nuo 89,50 vnt.
Vidutinė klasė
Wet-weather specialist with dynamic driving behavior in all conditions, good winter capabilities, very good aquaplaning resistance, pleasantly quiet rolling comfort. Average mileage.
nuo 77,00 vnt.
Cinturato All Season SF2
Premium klasė
All-rounder with dynamic and safe driving behavior on wet and dry tracks, best safety reserves against aquaplaning, quiet rolling noise. Increased rolling resistance, average mileage.
nuo 81,00 vnt.
Vector 4Seasons Gen-3
Premium klasė
All-season tyre with convincingly safe driving characteristics in all weather conditions, good snow traction, very good mileage. Extended dry braking distances, increased pass-by noise.
nuo 73,00 vnt.
Vidutinė klasė
Good driving performance on snowy and dry tracks, secure aquaplaning characteristics, short dry braking distances. Delayed steering response, understeering wet handling.
nuo 69,50 vnt.
Kinergy 4S² (H750)
Vidutinė klasė
Proven all-season tyre with reliable driving characteristics on snow and ice, crisp steering response, very good mileage. Slightly extended wet and dry braking distances.
nuo 54,00 vnt.
Advantage All-Season
Vidutinė klasė
Good traction and short braking distances on snow, secure aquaplaning qualities, short dry braking distances. Understeering behavior in wet conditions, high price level, mediocre mileage.
nuo 55,00 vnt.
Solus 4S HA32+
Good snow traction, secure wet and dry handling, quiet rolling noise, low price. Mediocre aquaplaning reserves, slightly extended wet/dry braking distances, increased rolling resistance.
nuo 71,00 vnt.
Sport All Season
Premium klasė
Balanced handling on wet and dry tracks, low rolling resistance, very good driving comfort. Understeering snow handling, mediocre aquaplaning characteristics, extended dry braking distances.
nuo 73,00 vnt.
N'blue 4 Season 2
Balanced dry handling, outstanding mileage, low price, short dry braking distances. Mediocre reserves against aquaplaning, understeering behavior in snow and wet conditions.
nuo 64,00 vnt.
MultiSeason 2
Vidutinė klasė
Stable driving behavior on snow and wet tracks, pleasingly low rolling resistance. Mediocre aquaplaning qualities, understeering snow and dry handling, limited mileage.
nuo 57,00 vnt.
Celsius AS2
Vidutinė klasė
Good safety reserves against aquaplaning, high mileage. Average winter capabilities, understeering handling on snowy and wet tracks, extended wet braking distances.
nuo 67,00 vnt.
Ceat 4 SeasonDrive+
Good mileage, quiet rolling noise, low price. Limited winter capabilities with poor lateral grip on snow, extended braking distances in wet conditions.
Nėra prekyboje
Euroall Season AS220 PRO
Short wet and dry braking distances, dynamic dry handling. Only satisfactory driving characteristics on snow and ice, delayed steering response, mediocre mileage, increased rolling resistance.
nuo 88,00 vnt.